some notes from the “scifi economics lab”


talks on 2019-11-11

collective notes from the talks

Cory Doctorow

Tom Bauler

  • in creating alternatives, focus on what to replciate in existing sytems, as well as what needs to be removed/eliminated

various refs/further

  • comment from M. Bauwens, re Chiang Mai → “hard to find ppl who want to work for money”
  • “changemakers” (via rob) →
  • capital poor / labour rich → transitions in commons (ref. Ostrom)
  • pluralism, anit-monopoly, anti-oligarchy
  • parallels with emergence of 'ecology' as way of unifying concerns around existing issues, previously seen as disparate (e.g. land conservation, species, clean air, etc)
  • is there a current set of concerns (re. concentration, ologarchy, monoploies, etc) that can be unified with ecology, complexity, etc? (e.g. climate change & concentration of pro-wrestling leagues?)
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