Slubworld Notes

Command line in naked on pluto game interface:

Make a new bot and set it up:

make SlubBot
program SlubBot slub

Ping the new bot:

@SlubBot ping
=> SlubBot @BobBloggs I am stopped

Program the bot:

@SlubBot 10 say hello
@SlubBot 20 goto 10
@SlubBot run
=> SlubBot @BobBloggs hello 
@SlubBot ping
=> SlubBot @BobBloggs I am running

Look at the code:

@Slubbot list

Rewrite code:

@SlubBot 20 goto 50

@SlubBot ping
SlubBot @BobBloggs I have crashed with SYNTAX ERROR ON LINE 20: OUT OF RANGE

Otherwise, to stop the bot:

@SlubBot stop

Doing something more useful, look at the world - speak the names of the entities (players or bots) in the current room (or node):

@SlubBot 10 for node.entities
@SlubBot 20 say
@SlubBot 30 end

top = top of the stack, I will change this for a form such as “for i in node.entities” and “”.

Read what entities are carrying:

@SlubBot 10 for node.entities
@SlubBot 20   say is carrying:
@SlubBot 30   for top.contents
@SlubBot 40     say A
@SlubBot 50   end
@SlubBot 60 end

Conditionals (will say “BONG” if someone has picked up the TinyBell):

@SlubBot 10 for node.entities
@SlubBot 20   for top.contents
@SlubBot 30     if == "TinyBell"
@SlubBot 40       say BONG
@SlubBot 45     end
@SlubBot 50   end
@SlubBot 60 end
@SlubBot 70 goto 10

==Naked on Pluto commands (incl superuser ones)

walk <destination>
take <object in room>
drop <object in inventory>
build <name of new location> (attaches to current location)
describe <object in room> <description>
rename <object in room> <name>
home <bot name> (sets the current location as the bot's home)
dress <object in room> <object in room> 
nuke (deletes the current location and everything in it, other than you)
make <object> [bot] (add bot if the thing is a bot)
save (save the game world, also happens automatically after modification commands)
program <bot> <program code> (sets the bot's program type - "slub" is the type that makes them programmable by talking)


  • Sonification : Play what bots say, use vowel filter based on the location?
  • User interaction based on backend, keep it simple - walking around possibly changes stuff.
  • User interaction in the front end (library): change audio based on mouse location? Draggable objects affect sound? [I think this will be too much work]

This is a scripting language for the bots in Naked on Pluto designed to be written from the text game interface, and for programming large numbers of independant, cooperating bots. Allows access to all game data (although a lot of it is unimportant for this project) and some controlled modifications to the game environment to allow you to speak, create objects, pickup or drop items etc.

Data structures

pluto-node = room

  • name (string)
  • info (string)
  • entities (list of entities)
  • messages (list of messages)
  • old-messages (list of messages)
  • vocab (list)
  • edges (list of connections to other rooms)


  • meaning (string, “spam” “important” …)
  • from (string)
  • to (string)
  • txt (string)

entity = players and bots

  • id (number)
  • name (string)
  • desc (string)
  • owner (number)
  • instructions (list)
  • contents (list)
  • face-furniture (entity)
  • hat (entity)
  • vocab (list)
  • money (number)
  • criminal-rating (number)
  • likes (list)
  • liked-by (list)
Some experiments to try
  • Interpretation of player messages in behaviour
  • Interactions between bots via messages (some kind of distributed state machine)
  • Bots programming/rewriting each other's code via messages
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