an idea that emerged during the Luminous Green symposium due to the combined problems of the high energy consumption of a data projector, and the inability of a projector to compete with sunlight:

would it be possible to harness sunlight as the light source for a data projector.

does it already exist?

it's mentioned in this newsletter in the article “lecture on development of new light sources”:

how would you do it?

would the ultra violet light damage the LCD?

how do you get the light from outside, to your indoor, darkened viewing room?

light pipes?

fiber optic.

hiaz mentioned larger light pipes which are not using optic fiber, but are just large pipes with internally reflective surfaces.

suggested google searches: light-pipe projector (although light pipes are used in projectors that generate their light electrically)

pix - 04 May 2007

it would probably be possible to reuse a lot of technologies that are currently employed for hybrid and solar lighting.

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