Sphaerae is a collision of soapbubbles. It's a semitransparant lightweight platform which can transform itself into various settings. Its a place; which can play with the parameters of light, sound, vibration and projection, with the inside and the outside. It can perform; as a set of climate- or smell controlled chambers, as a mobile greenhouse or as a place for deep dive chocolate lovers. It can provide syneasthetic explorations or dark mountain contemplations.

midd march 2012 we want to have realized the design.

Sphaerae; example for anchoring: where 3 bubbles collide, they meet at an angle of 120 degrees.

first design models

kleimal.jpg schets_plattegrond_cock.jpg
Clay model of Shaerae: a set of 5 bubbles, the entrance is through a self-closing corridor through the upper two smaller bubbles.
Bubbles meet each other by a semitransparant dividing membrane with a split(door). People can walk from chamber to chamber. The under cloth is white, and the upperlayers will be white-translucent. When projection from inside is required a cloth (inside white/outside black) can be pulled over the top on the outside and attached to the white underpart. Idealy the total lenght of Sphaerae is about 12 meters long and 10 meters broad. The highest point is 4,25 meters.

programme of wishes:


  • cloth with no smell
  • fireresistent cloth: certificate norm: nen 2 (for the netherlands), B1(German), M2 (French), B (European)

All this business is very lucrative. (in 10 or 15 secs the burningspot should not spread itself) When its rainy weather, the fireresistance stuff does not work anyhow. You can check your samples at Bolderdijk, Amsterdam. These people are the advisers for the firebrigade. Event organisers ask for permission at the firebrigade. If its proven right in one city, in the other it might be not.

  • translucent quality
  • tear-resistance strong
  • reparable
  • cleanable
  • lightweight, portable
  • should feel like skin like PU or TPU
  • include escape possibilities, veiligheid brandweer?
  • aerodynamic in its form (e.g. in the Netherlands winds often come from the west)
  • windresistable, good anchorage with guy-ropes (scheerlijnen) and tentpegs digged with its top just under the ground, so one can't fall over it. How does one anchore it when Sphaerae is placed on stones?
  • a good airlock
  • asystem siver or black passend doek voor de grootste bol. - attachable on the outside (or inside?), for projection screenings. in the summer: a cloth which is white on the inside and black or silver (to reflect the sun, so it does not ge to warm inside the blob ) on the outside.


rhino model

collaboration with Smartchitecture Joeri and Yannick - Creative Collective: www.smartchitecture.nl (Delft) for creating a 3d rhino model:

Voor de volgende stappen is het belangrijk voor ons om de volgende dingen te weten:

-aanlever specificaties van de producent: *wat voor 3d model? *gemaakt met welk programma? *moeten de ribben/lassen/naden in het model staan, bijvoorbeeld door middel van edges? of doen zij een voorstel op basis van een indicatie die wij geven? *moeten er zelfs patronen gemaakt worden?

-garanties *is er op voorhand informatie te vinden over garaties op gebied van brandveiligheid etc? *wie staat hier namens de maker voor garant? is dit misschien degene die het object huurt?

-budget * wat is het totale (bouw) budget(zonder vergoeding ontwerp etc.)? dit ivm met onderzoekjes die wij binnen ons netwerk doen naar mogelijke bouwers

Op basis hiervan en jullie eerste gemaatvoerde schets (indicatie van de schaal) kunnen wij een voorstel doen en vooral aan de slag!!!!


  • hoogte max ongeveer 3,5 meter
  • small igloo size entrance works best.

possible producers

  • Koch, Germany
  • Aircreation, Arnhem
  • Sidijk, Friesland
  • Airprob - Nijmegen, alleen schets aanleveren, aardige kerel zei Theo…op bezoek gaan. Heeft oa Theo's luchtship gemaakt in de jaren 70 en de ING Leeuw.


see note book *** Blokalnd Caravans A'dam Zuidoost Abcoudestraatweg 130 B

via umefa .nl TH-ring 65.022.50 tophaak 50 lang. kan helemaal de grond in slaan, check nij organisatie of er geen leidingen onder liggen (normaal liggen kabels 80 cm onder de grond)

options for events

  • 5 and 6 june; Transit of Venus, an event that takes place about once in a hundred years. A transit of Venus across the Sun when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, becoming visible against (and hence obscuring a small portion of) the solar disk. During a transit Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the Sun.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transit_of_Venus

Optofonica will film this rare event and it will be life screened in Sphaerae. http://www.optofonica.com. * prestented at the Kunstvlaai, nov. 2012 at the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL (Optfonica http://www.optofonica.com/ wants to do their surround soap-laser show in there)

* Two days art festival nov 2012. The Hague

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