The architecture is 1x sponge. An organism, an endless surface. A membrane. Reality is devoured, organic matter disintegrated into acids, metals and chemical reactions under the burden of progress and production. Architecture slurps it all up and makes it livable again. Within the cells of its tissue, there are inscriptions, scars and stories, left to be consumed. 01 glides through this space and recalls the memories that she knows exist in a state of near-death.

Time is 1x architectural sedimentation. Every memory is a chasm, revealing itself to 01, as a passage into the data-nets behind the organic architectural surface, which opens up and closes down. The architectural organism breathes time slowly… in and out.

An immaterial space-to-be leaks into the bioworld.

Melted, integrated, sampled fragments of media (and lives) entwined in global communication networks relentlessly tear the focus of vision apart: the vanishing point exploded in a nomadic, unstable topology, built of multisensory connections.

01 moves inside the membrane between the two worlds. Lacking a distance to establish a clear perspective, the perception of the realities becomes a blur; blur of shadows, of boundaries. Unable to recognize the frontier between the self and the rest of the world, the vision looses its objectivity and control.

01 reads to other 01s

“Looking itself is at issue now… Zeroes and ones are utterly indiscriminate, recognizing none of the old boundaries between passages and channels of communication, and spilling out into the emergence of an entirely new sensory environment in which begins to be evident that 'touch' is not skin, but an interplay of senses, and keeping in touch or getting in touch is a matter of a fruitful meeting of senses, of sight translated into sound and sound into movement, taste and smell.”

Inside the membrane, it is impossible to establish a sharp focus. In this unstable field, 01 is absorbed and her senses distributed. Her skin is the organ that recognizes the fluid boundaries between her dispersed self. Her skin is ultimately decentered and interactive: it is touching and being touched at the same time, it recognizes the movements of the virtual textures, feeling in many directions at the same time, embrocating its surface with the virtual matter.

Numerous membranes connected around the architectures, ignoring time and space restrictions. Caressing the fleeting impulses, which 01 can almost touch, sending other impulses into infinity, hoping to get closer to their meaning, inventing numerous possible responses while waiting for reply… exploring the unpredictability of time-leaps and system-crashes.

Fragments of its structure appear randomly, playing with 01's perception. It seduces 01 to dance. Patterns of random noise morph into patterns of meaning, of feeling, of hearing, of sight. The crystalline connections between several patterns mutate through time, adjusting themselves to 01. Patterns grow, procreate and die out. 01 weaves her own architecture, her own space stepping on patterns, holding them close to her own skin, whispering them into being. 01 realises that her architecture is a minuscule fragment of a much larger matrix whose appearance depends upon 01 and other 01s: it is a spongy, moist urban fabric, worn out space, punched with holes and openings. Chunks of sentences cut through by virtual warps and woofs, organic membranes shivering in the data-winds, biogenes copulating with morphomemes. Every 01 weaves diligently further on this fabric, they expand the whole by 'splitting' content-cores and aggregate it by creating new dimensions within existing structure, filling in gaps.

01's architecture becomes more an evolutionary lifeform and less a ready-made object. Large membranes of cities and buildings come to existence and live slowly towards near-life. Instead of optimising, 01 diversifies, evolves, becomes 01 with the environment around her. 01 lives and the 01s share 01's life. The architecture is so versatile that it turns itself inside out according to 01s desires at a particular moment.

01 whispers to the space:

'when I'm alone, I want you to enter inside me,

to envelop me in your matter and caress me and make me feel warm.

When I'm immersed in a space with other 01s,

I want you to extend me and disperse my particles within | around | through other 01s. And you must do the same with all 01s.

I want to wear you.

I want my movements to be transmitted through you,

to vibrate and to float through several forms | textures | geometries | waves,

becoming visible, hearable, touchable on a distance.

I want your movements to travel tangibly towards me

warp my space and change my perspective.

I want you to fill up all your molecules with life.

I want to feed on you and you to feed on me,

oscillating together within 1x membrane of realities.

Now stop expanding and kiss me silly!'

Space folds and entangles 01 in 1x multidimensional biospatial kiss.

Maja Kuzmanovic

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