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Giulio Ruffini

“HIVE is a FET Open FP7 EU project (2008-2012). Our goal is to research stimulation paradigms to design, develop and test a new generation of more powerful and controllable non-invasive brain stimulation technologies. HIVE will develop improved electrical current distribution and multi-scale neuron-current interaction models and carry out stimulation experiments using tDCS, TMS, EEG and fMRI in different scenarios, and based on these develop multisite transcranial current stimulation technologies implementing real time EEG monitoring and feedback.”

Leo de Penning

  • dreaming machines
  • neural symbolic cognitive agent (NSCA)
  • The Recurrent Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RTRBM)
  • mind's eye DARPA project form vision systems → behavioual recognition
  • Crick & Mitchison (1983)
  • toward creative machines
    • dreaming → hypothesis realtions strengthening/wekaneing
    • noise → new hypothesis → dream filters
  • DBM model of Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS)

Dick Bierman

Bem, D. J. (2011). Feeling the Future: Experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences on cognition and affect. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 100, 407-425.

experiments; Precognitive Detection of Erotic Stimuli, Precognitive Avoidance of Negative Stimuli, Retroactive Priming, Retroactive Habituation, Retroactive Induction of Boredom, Retroactive Facilitation of Recall,

jack klaff

Ivo Clarysse

building a medical tricorder


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