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Instruction #1 “If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it's a street photograph” –Bruce Gilden

Instruction #2 “Turn your attention to the four-legged population” –Ying Tang

Instruction #3 “Take a bus. Do Weekly shopping. Pop into a public loo.” –Nils Jorgensen

Instruction #4 “Document some evidence of human ingenuity that would otherwise go unnoticed. Do it without including any humans in the picture” –Michael Wolf

Instruction #5 “Get lost in a thicket of signs and structures” –Wolfgang Zurborn

Instruction #6 “Never overlook a cliche” –Artem Zhitenev

Instruction #7 “When you have to shoot: shoot! Don't talk!” –Il Brutto

Instruction #8 “On your knees please… Take a picture from floor level.” –Matt Stuart

Instruction #9 “Play photographic poker. Look for a pair, two pairs, or three of a kind.” –Siegfried Hansen

Instruction #10 “Photograph like an assassin; suddenly and silently” –Osamu Kanemura

Instruction #11 “Take to the streets! Get political!” –Mimi Mollica

Instruction #12 “Look for the stars, even in broad daylight.” –Markus Hartel

Instruction #13 “Look closer to home.” –Lars Tunbjörk

Instruction #14 “Show us the aftermath.” –Maciej Dakowicz

Instruction #15 “Wander aimlessly most of the time” –Melanie Einzig

Instruction #16 “Wait for the rain, it makes shooting on the street easier and more interesting.” –Martin Parr

Instruction #17 “Take pictures where you're not comfortable, where you feel exposed, threatened, or morally on the wrong side.” –Mirko Martin

Instruction #18 “Look for a window. Through a window, out of a window, or at the reflections on a window.” –Arif Asci

Instruction #19 “Expose the banalities of the new urban landscape” –George Georgiou

Instruction #20 “Slow down, the next picture may be very quiet and close” –Bruno Quinquet

Instruction #21 “Be aware of the way the camera compresses a three dimensional world into a two dimensional plane and use that to your advantage” –Nick Turpin

Instruction #22 “Pick a spot, stay there for an hour and see what unfolds” –Polly Braden

Instruction #23 “There is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in…” –Leonard Cohen


  • Make a picture containing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly –Jens Olof Lasthein.


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