Ungenreable Activity within Sub-Urban Deactivated Zones

Beta Test

Location: Papakura Town Centre

Date: May 14, 2008

Time: 13:00 to 16:00 Hours

Purpose: Locate and Reactivate 11 Insterstitial Portals located in the CBD of a sub-urban township.

Instigator: Maggie Buxton

Players: 3 Local Youth + One Youth Worker

Equipment: 2 GPS Units

Mission: Locate 11 Spaces using GPS Units, and Clues. Meta -observe activity and report back possible enhancements.

Outcome: Successful Location of all sites within 1.5 hours. Excellent feedback from players for future development of process.

Sample Comments and Future Refinements: GPS units need adaptation to urban environment, Clues needed deeper scattering. Next iteration involves activity at each pore.

Additional Information:

  • Example Clues:

Pore 4 - An electric garden is farmed and communicated along the irish road.

     Pore 3 - A red emporium has a fascinating corner where choko and elephants tangle together.
     Pore 2 – Cross over and step behind the cobbler to broken world.
     Pore 1 - A connection between spaces with an over and an under. To get there you go around land of roses.

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