symmetry synchronisation

Photographic evidence


Mathias Thursday

Gert 20120118

Mathias Wednesday

Gert 20120118

Gert 20120117

Mathias Tuesday

  • What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics?

  • Nice vector based presentation platform. Vector format based. Potentially good to draw a lot of our individual content together.

Gert 20120116

Marcus on 20120115

late adds by Gert 20120114

I'm espcially happy about the room-modes & schuman references, since they close the circle to something we already discussed and tried (not too successfully me thinketh) @ ICA & waves. it's a lets make it work moment :)

I tried to compile scopeshapes for Intel, but failed so far. how would we translate the oscilloscope output?

I'll bring two Wiimotes, but rather than waving them around i was hoping to use the IR input. lets fix diodes to Marcus' hands for his Cello performance :) OSC enabled version avlbl.


I keep these very brief, essentially list of links.

A few notes from skype call with Gert, Nik, Mathias 20111216

A few notes from meeting with Marcus, Richard, Mathias 20111221 & 20120112

From emails from Russ to Mathias

OK just FWDing info of the stuff im interested in and have that maybe good for snape!? its totally about symmetry!

here is the software i spoke off:

if we could make these .DXF files we could have text+

i have this device that can generate much better material than in this video:

i dont know of it will be in the UK by the time of the residency, but i have one of these due:

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