Ali Abbasov's opinion is worth considering

Information fight between Azerbaijan and Armenia has been going on for several years and the latter attempts with all means to create negative image of our state in international community's opinion. At the same time Armenia is spreading false information relating to Azerbaijan. Repeatedly Armenian mass media representatives distorted sayings of foreign politicians. Moreover it is well known that the said state is illegally broadcasting its TV channels on Azerbaijani territory.

Recently Armenians resorted to new way. They started distorting Azerbaijani sites in internet. Responding to this, Azerbaijani hackers started destroying official sites of Armenia. As result as it should be expected information fight between 2 states has broken out with new force.

Minister of Information Technologies, Ali Abbasov, had to express his opinion with respect to this problem. Despite this fact this potential of Azerbaijan exceeds Armenian's several times. Minister proposed to stop this fight. However, minister's saying carries special meaning: `The matter is that information fight should have its rules and laws. Armenians are mixing information fight with abuses for a long time. Some times ago they have started attacking our sites. That is why information fight is of destructive nature. Sides involved in this process usually try to create negative image of opponent, and positive image of themselves. Such actions can be evaluated as negative in all aspects. Of course Azerbaijani hackers can be understood. They just respond to similar actions of Armenians. On the other hand every state has its own obligations before international community. Azerbaijan and Armenia also have their obligations before Council of Europe in the field of information, necessary to observe. Apparently it is difficult for Armenians to observe these obligations. Some question arises: Why do Armenians prefer resorting to negative means within this fight? To answer this question we may say that Armenians know Azerbaijan's potential. To date Azerbaijan surpasses Armenia in development. Thus, if for last 3 years foreign incomes amounting to 33 billions of US dollars have flowed to Azerbaijan, the sum for Armenia hasn't made up even 3 billions. Moreover, Azerbaijan is exporting oil providing energy security at regional level. Construction of railway

Kars-Akhalkalaki-Tbilisi-Baku will worsen Armenian's situation. Very soon Armenia will discover that Russia is closely collaborating with Azerbaijan, and Armenians won't succeed in using this state against Azerbaijan. In addition, today geopolitical weight of Azerbaijan is increasing at international level. President Ilham Aliyev's recent visit to France demonstrates how our state can win sympathy of those which have positive attitude towards Armenia. In such cases unfair fight of Armenia is not unexpected. The use of civilized means in information fight is not profitable for this state.

What will be results of these events? Perhaps after undergoing certain stage Armenia will make sure in fruitlessness of its actions. Developing Azerbaijan is convinced in his rightfulness. Our state prefers to fight with the help of civilized means, and we are sure that we will succeed. Anyway our state should be ready to information fight as today it is very important for Azerbaijan. Country winning information fight is capable to win in all spheres'.


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