season name meaning asscociations aprox. gregorian date
Risshun <E7><AB><8B><E6><98><A5> Start of spring Ground thaws, fish appear under ice. Feb 4
Usui <E9><9B><A8><E6><B0><B4> Rain waters Snow recedes, mist lingers in the air. Feb 18
Keichitsu <E5><95><93><E8><9F><84> Emergence of the worms Bugs surface from hibernation. Mar 6
Shunbun <E6><98><A5><E5><88><86> Vernal equinox Sparrows start to nest, cherry blossoms bloom. Mar 21
Seimei <E6><B8><85><E6><98><8E> Clear and bright Geese fly north, the first rainbows of the year appear. Apr 4
Kok<C5><AB> <E7><A9><80><E9><9B><A8> Rain for harvests Reeds sprout by rivers, rice seedlings grow. Apr 21
Rikka <E7><AB><8B><E5><A4><8F> Start of summer Birds and frogs start the songs of summer. May 6
Sh<C5><8D>man <E5><B0><8F><E6><BA><80> Small blooming Flowers and plants bloom, wheat ripens. May 21
B<C5><8D>shu <E8><8A><92><E7><A8><AE> Seeds and cereals Praying mantises hatch, fireflies come out. Time to seed the soil. Jun 5
Geshi <E5><A4><8F><E8><87><B3> Reaching summer Longest days of the year, irises bloom. Jun 21
Sh<C5><8D>sho <E5><B0><8F><E6><9A><91> Small heat Warm winds blow, young hawks learn to fly. Jul 7
Taisho <E5><A4><A7><E6><9A><91> Big heat Summer heat at its strongest, accompanied by great rains. Jul 23
Risshu <E7><AB><8B><E7><A7><8B> Start of autumn Cooler winds blow, thick fogs roll through hills. Aug 8
Shosho <E5><87><A6><E6><9A><91> Lessening heat Rice has ripened, the heat of summer, forgotten. Aug 23
Hakuro <E7><99><BD><E9><9C><B2> White dew Drops of dew on grass. Sep 7
Shubun <E7><A7><8B><E5><88><86> Autumnal equinox Day and night are of equal length. Sep 23
Kanro <E5><AF><92><E9><9C><B2> Cold dew Temperatures begin to drop, crickets stop chirping. Oct 8
S<C5><8D>k<C5><8D> <E9><9C><9C><E9><99><8D> Frosting The first frosts, maple leaves turn yellow. Oct 23
Ritto <E7><AB><8B><E5><86><AC> Start of winter The ground starts to freeze. Nov 8
Sh<C5><8D>setsu <E5><B0><8F><E9><9B><AA> Small snow Light snow, the last leaves have fallen from trees. Nov 23
Taisetsu <E5><A4><A7><E9><9B><AA> Big snow Cold sets in, bears hibernate. Dec 8
T<C5><8D>ji <E5><86><AC><E8><87><B3> Winter solstice Shortest days of the year. Dec 22
Sh<C5><8D>kan <E5><B0><8F><E5><AF><92> Small cold Temperatures quickly drop. Jan 6
Daikan <E5><A4><A7><E5><AF><92> Big cold Ice thickens on the streams, hens huddle together. Jan 20
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