Books on TeX and its relations

While Knuth's book is the definitive reference for TeX, there are other books covering TeX:

  • The TeXbook by Donald Knuth (Addison-Wesley, 1984, ISBN 0-201-13447-0, paperback ISBN 0-201-13448-9)
  • A Beginner's Book of TeX by Raymond Seroul and Silvio Levy, (Springer Verlag, 1992, ISBN 0-387-97562-4)
  • TeX by Example: A Beginner's Guide by Arvind Borde (Academic Press, 1992, ISBN 0-12-117650-9)
  • Introduction to TeX by Norbert Schwarz (Addison-Wesley, 1989, ISBN 0-201-51141-X)
  • A Plain TeX Primer by Malcolm Clark (Oxford University Press, 1993, ISBNs 0-198-53724-7 (hardback) and 0-198-53784-0 (paperback))
  • TeX by Topic by Victor Eijkhout (Addison-Wesley, 1992, ISBN 0-201-56882-9 - now out of print, but see (La)TeX tutorials)
  • TeX for the Beginner by Wynter Snow (Addison-Wesley, 1992, ISBN 0-201-54799-6)
  • TeX for the Impatient by Paul W. Abrahams, Karl Berry and Kathryn A. Hargreaves (Addison-Wesley, 1990, ISBN 0-201-51375-7)
  • TeX in Practice by Stephan von Bechtolsheim (Springer Verlag, 1993, 4 volumes, ISBN 3-540-97296-X for the set, or Vol. 1: ISBN 0-387-97595-0, Vol. 2: ISBN 0-387-97596-9, Vol. 3: ISBN 0-387-97597-7, and Vol. 4: ISBN 0-387-97598-5)
  • TeX: Starting from Square One by Michael Doob (Springer Verlag, 1993, ISBN 3-540-56441-1)
  • The Advanced TeXbook by David Salomon (Springer Verlag, 1995, ISBN 0-387-94556-3)

A collection of Knuth's publications about typography has recently been published:

  • Digital Typography by Donald Knuth (CSLI and Cambridge University Press, 1999, ISBN 1-57586-011-2, paperback ISBN 1-57586-010-4).

and in late 2000, a “Millennium Boxed Set” of all 5 volumes of Knuth's “Computers and Typesetting” series (about TeX and Metafont) was published by Addison Wesley:

  • Computers & Typesetting, Volumes A-E Boxed Set by Donald Knuth (Addison-Wesley, 2001, ISBN 0-201-73416-8).

For LaTeX, see:

  • LaTeX, a Document Preparation System by Leslie Lamport (second edition, Addison Wesley, 1994, ISBN 0-201-52983-1)
  • A guide to LaTeX2e Helmut Kopka and Patrick W. Daly (third edition, Addison-Wesley, 1998, ISBN 0-201-39825-7)
  • The LaTeX Companion by Michel Goossens, Frank Mittelbach, and Alexander Samarin (Addison-Wesley, 1993, ISBN 0-201-54199-8)
  • The LaTeX Graphics Companion: Illustrating documents with TeX and PostScript by Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz and Frank Mittelbach (Addison-Wesley, 1997, ISBN 0-201-85469-4)
  • The LaTeX Web Companion: Integrating TeX, HTML and XML by Michel Goossens and Sebastian Rahtz (Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-43311-7)
  • TeX Unbound: LaTeX and TeX strategies for fonts, graphics, and more by Alan Hoenig (Oxford University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-19-509685-1 hardback, ISBN 0-19-509686-X paperback)
  • Math into TeX: A Simplified Introduction using AMSLaTeX by George Grätzer (Birkhäuser, 1993, ISBN 0-817-63637-4, or, in Germany, ISBN 3-764-33637-4)
  • Math into LaTeX: An Introduction to LaTeX and AMSLaTeX by George Grätzer (third edition Birkhäuser and Springer Verlag, 2000, ISBN 0-8176-4431-9, ISBN 3-7643-4131-9)

A list of errata for the first printing is available from:

  • First Steps in LaTeX by George Grätzer (Birkhäuser, 1999, ISBN 0-8176-4132-7)
  • LaTeX: Line by Line: Tips and Techniques for Document Processing by Antoni Diller (second edition, John Wiley & Sons, 1999, ISBN 0-471-97918-X)
  • LaTeX for Linux: A Vade Mecum by Bernice Sacks Lipkin (Springer-Verlag, 1999, ISBN 0-387-98708-8, second printing)

A sample of George Grätzer's book, in Adobe Acrobat format, is also available

Example files for the LaTeX Graphics and Web Companions are available in (Graphics) and (Web).

Example files for George Grätzer's 'First Steps' are available in

  • The Metafontbook by Donald Knuth (Addison Wesley, 1986, ISBN 0-201-13445-4, ISBN 0-201-52983-1 paperback)

Alan Hoenig's 'TeX Unbound' includes some discussion and examples of using Metafont.

see also: LaTeX and LyX

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