'That was in 1958. It was in the private home of Karl Hauser, the man who had arranged an American tour for me. Later, in the early 70s, I met an Australian dancer, and she came here. Nearby is a barn where we gave concerts regularly, and she brought a Theremin device from Utrecht in Holland, which meant you had an electro-magnetic field around a plate of metal, and wherever you moved you could influence sound, if the plate is wired with a synthesizer. And in the synthesizer you can pre-plan the different parameters, which meant you can influence the dynamic levels of what it produces but also, with certain movements, you change the pitch and even timbre if you get the electro-magnetic field to act in a three-dimensional way. It was quite interesting to see how a dancer can shape sounds and produce a simple sort of music, but there is potential in this invention.'

Karlheinz Stockhausen http://www.stockhausen.org/timeless_power.html

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