Part of the Field Guide to Flying Saints.

born: Roccasecca, 1225

died: Fossanuova, march 7, 1274

Very important Dominican theologian, philosopher and Doctor of the Church.

One of his sisters was killed by lightning.

He was not very bright in school, they called him the 'Ox', but he had a huge influence on the Catholic Church and his teachings, which include the concept of 7 Deadly Sins, gave him great authority, his writings seem to involve Aristotle a lot. His appreciation of the classics cleared the path for the coming Renaissance.

The chunky Dominican could rise two 'cubits' above the church floor.

nice quote: That the saints may enjoy their beautitude and the grace of God more abundantly, they are permitted to see the punishment of the damned in hell (sounds somewhat like a new media theorist.)


Wingspan: 1,89m

Weight (approx): 105kg

Range and distribution: Italy

Color: black and white tunic

Special features: an ox, a star or sun or with pagan philosophers at feet


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