Time-Of-Flight Cameras

“Time Of Flight” cameras are cameras which, in addition to providing a normal 2-dimensional colour image, also provide a height map of the viewing area.


Reasonably low resolution (124×160), but has a range of 7.5 metres. uses “coded infrared” to avoid noise from visible light.

This camera has a USB 2.0 interface, so is probably aimed and (hopefully) priced for a semi-domestic market.


Two cameras at this site, the fast, but very low resolution (64×16) 1k-S and the 19k which is similar in spec to the SR-2.

i vaguely remember seeing a video online of a broadcast-quality ranging camera. i'm still trying to track the link down again.

pix - 09 May 2005


Canesta currently makes available a development kit, including a 3D Camera which includes a 64×64 array. They are targeting automotive and security applications but the kit is suitable for other applications as well. Their system comes in multiple field of view configurations (up to 12 meters), has sunlight resilient features to work outdoors, and the Canesta chip is made using a standard CMOS process, making it very low cost for high volume applications.)

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