Prohibition on use of premises for a food business

2.—(1) Subject to paragraphs (3), (4) and (5) and to regulation 3, no person shall use any premises for the purposes of a food business on five or more days, whether consecutive or not, in any period of five consecutive weeks unless— (a) those premises are registered;

(b) those premises, though not registered, are required by virtue of paragraphs (3), (4) or (5) or regulation 4(2) to be registered on the application of some other person; or

© an application for those premises to he registered has been made in accordance with regulation 4 to the relevant registration authority at least 28 days before the first day of such use.


3. (1) 3.—(1) Regulation 2 does not apply to premises at which the only commercial operations carried out in relation to food or food sources are one or more of the following:

(a) killing game (Including deer) for food by way of sport or the non-retail sale of food from game killed there;

(b) taking fish for food or the non-retail sale of food from fish taken there;

(d) collecting honey from bees;

(e) the production or packing of eggs or the non-retail sale of eggs produced or packed there;

(f) the retail sale of food by means of an automatic vending machine on those premises; (g) the supply of beverages, or of biscuits, potato crisps, confectionery or other similar products, ancillary to a business whose principal activity is not the sale of food;

(3) Subject to paragraph 6 of Schedule 3, regulation 2 also does not apply to—

(a) premises controlled by a voluntary organisation or the trustees of a charity and used only for the purposes of such organisations or charities, where no food (other than dry ingredients for the preparation of beverages, sugar, biscuits, potato crisps or other similar dry products) is stored for sale;

(b) premises at which— (i) no food intended for sale for human consumption is present, and (ii) no relevant moveable premises are ordinarily kept;

© premises where food is— (i) stored for sale, or (ii) prepared for sale,and it is intended, when the food first enters those premises, that its sale is to take place only in the event of an emergency or disaster;

(d) premises in respect of which a certificate under section 54(4) of the Act has been issued by the Secretary of State.


It will be necessary to register your business with the environmental health department of your local authority at least 28 days prior to commencing trade.

Role: Environmental Health Officer London Borough Of Haringey 639 High Road London N17 8BD Telephone: 020 8489 5524 Email: Website:

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