Unreal Tournament 2004 (Notes for Macintosh)

trying this as a Game Engine (Nov 2006).


  • easy to use and open tools to build own levels, the so-called mods
  • large user base interested in playing mods
  • people I know who use this (e.g. ludocraft)


  • every user has to buy a copy
  • when the next version comes out (UT2007) then the mods will have to be updated. Or even sooner…

But I bit the bullet and spent 49 Euros on the OSX version.


This has to be patched:

not so latest patches: http://geeks.beyondunreal.com/ut2004/patches.php

latest patches: http://www.macsoftgames.com/products/ut2k4/support/MacSoft-UT2K4-Support.html

Note that there are some things that need to be done for the 3369 update


The next thing to do will be to work out how to get a mod working….

Dumping mods in ~/Library/application Support/Unreal Tournament 2004/ seems to work as a place to keep some of them. The mods that I have found have been directories full of stuff. Some of them have launchers that are available for just that mod, e.g. Air Buccaneers, and they are available at

http://download.games4mac.de/software.php referring to the mods that they like:


Otherwise there is a general mod launcher program: http://www.loopware.com/software/

It seems that the mods need to be dragged into the application directory. This means to right-click (3 button mouse) or control-click on the Application and select “Show Package Contents.” This will open a directory with all sorts of folders in it (Animationa, Manual, etc). Place the mod directory (e.g. Deflebub) in here with the other ones. Then Launch UTModLauncher and it will give you a listing of the mods that it has found.

it seems that some Mods are just a single file, for notes see here: http://www.somefoolwitha.com/2005/08/30/installing-ut4mod-files-on-mac-unrealtournament-2004/

TimBo - 15 Nov 2006, 22 Feb 2007

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