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 ==== Drukpa 'Ivy' Konvolvul ==== ==== Drukpa 'Ivy' Konvolvul ====
 +the assistant patabotanist
 +| {{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/8677389033 !thumbnail}} | Student of patabotany, assistant to Alchemilla Lily Umiliata, responsible for fieldwork coordination and recruitment, feast instigator. He brought FoAM’s HPI research to the attention of the Patabotanical Institute and convinced his colleagues to embark on a reality crossing mission. His tasks include finding research assistants, conducting and documenting fieldwork, keeping the team and their guests engaged, curious and without head injuries. |
 +Interests: journeys, extreme sports, biomimicry.
 +Personality traits: adventurous, risk taking, irreverent, joyful, deliberately silly, naive.
 ==== recent edits ==== ==== recent edits ====
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