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  TISM Saturday Night Palsy (Mushroom)
  THE WIGGLES Hot Potato (Wiggly Tunes)
  RACEY Some Girls (Independent)
  TOTO COELO I Eat Cannibals (Independent)


  ALICIA BRIDGES I Love The Nightlife (Polydor)
  BONEY M Daddy Cool (BMG)
  BILLY FIELD Bad Habits (Warner)
  DOUG MULRAY & THE RUDE BAND You Are Soul (with Countdown intro) ()
  DR. HOOK Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk (Casablanca)
  TED MULRY GANG Jump In My Car (Fest/Mush)


  TED MULRY GANG Darktown Strutters Ball (Fest/Mush)
  TED MULRY GANG Jamaica Rum (Independent)
  TED MULRY Falling In Love Again (EMI)
  STARSHIP We Built This City (Warner)
  DURAN DURAN Planet Earth (EMI)
  BROS When Will I Be Famous? (Sony)
  BAY CITY ROLLERS Bye Bye Baby (Festival)
  ABC Lateline Opener (ft. Kerry O'Brien) (ABC)
  ABC The 7.30 Report Opener (ABC)
  ABC ABC News Opener (ABC)
  ABC Four Corners Opener (ABC)
  UNCANNY X-MEN Fifty Years (Mushroom)


  CHRIS DE BURGH Don't Pay The Ferryman (Festival)
  NICK CAVE & KYLIE MINOGUE Where The Wild Roses Grow (Mushroom)
  BRIAN ENO Ali Click (Warner)
  EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN Die Interimsliebenden (Mushroom)
  MICHAEL BOLTON I Said I Loved You But I Lied (Sony)
  THE BEE GEES How Deep Is Your Love (Polydor)


  LIONEL RICHIE Hello (Universal (MCA))
  DAN HILL Sometimes When We Touch (Festival)
  BONNIE TYLER Total Eclipse Of The Heart (CBS)
  BARRY MANILOW - LIVE Can't Smile Without You ()
  DAVID CASSIDY Last Kiss (Independent)
  CAPTAIN & TENNILLE Love Will Keep Us Together (A and M Records)
  DEBBIE GIBSON Only In My Dreams (Warner)


  MILLI VANILLI Baby Don't Forget My Number (Warner)
  MILLI VANILLI Girl You Know It's True (Warner)
  MILLI VANILLI Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (BMG)
  TISM Defecate On My Face (Shock)
  TISM Greg, The Stop Sign!! (Shock)
  TISM (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River (Shock)
  TISM Get Thee To A Nunnery (Shock)


  TISM Whatareya (Shock)
  TISM Thunderbirds Are Coming Out (Shock)
  TISM If You're Not Famous At Fourteen, You're Finished (Fest/Mush)
  TISM Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me (Independent)
  TISM - LIVE Live at The Club, October 1988 (Independent)


  TISM The White Albun - Songs and Interviews (Fest/Mush)
  TISM I'm Interested In Apathy (Live on The Factory, 1988) (Elvis Records)


  TISM I'll Have You (Live on Countdown Revolution, 1989) (ABC)
  TISM - LIVE ON COUNTDOWN REVOLUTION The History Of Western Civilisation (Phonogram)
  ROOT! My Other Bumper Sticker Is Intelligent (Shock)
  MACHINE GUN FELLATIO Mutha Fukka On A Motorcycle (Festival)
  MACHINE GUN FELLATIO Rollercoaster (Fest/Mush)
  MACHINE GUN FELLATIO - LIVE Unsent Letter (Fest/Mush)
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