updates. many and varied

see foam_website_user_guidelines for more current info.. .

AUG 02011 foam site upgrade

there are 4 types of primary content; activities, events, publications, blog posts. other objects include static pages, people, 'supported by', studios, etc

an activity can be singular entity or grouping entity. one activity can be a part of another activity. an event, publication, static page or blog post can be part of one or more activities.

each activity/event/publication/etc should be able to be presented with related material (or links to it). an activity should include text (summary and body copy), slug (named url), a main image(flickr), an image gallery (flickr), 'supported by' line (including relevant logos) summary of people involved, summary of related stuff (events,publications,other activities). i think events, publications and blog posts are reasonably well specified already.

requirements pre-launch

  • chronological overview of events
  • titles/links for main menu and way to update main menu (add/edit/relink entries)
  • blog (i.e. chronologically ordered blog entries)
  • overview of publications (ordered by type)
  • people objects, linkable to activities, publications and events
  • import existing drupal nodes (details required)
  • consistent urls from previous site
  • relevant data for studio objects
  • 'supported by' objects
  • 'view full project [+]' → 'view more [+]'
  • comments fr blog posts (at least for now) using disqus
  • static archive of existing drupal site
  • way of presenting home page content that doesn't have an image
  • include flickr images as 'main' image for a page
  • current and inactive distinction (for activities and events)

critical pre-launch

  • all (or most) of above

critical post-launch

  • relevant graphics for as many activities as possible
  • documentation on workflow/editing/updates
  • how to add new material.
  • how material is organised and can be reorganised if needed.
  • how images are organised, e.g. links flickr sets and project images
  • workflow examples (e.g. adding new event, starting new project, adding pics from events)
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