The five colour-coded routes are intended as metaphors or design patterns, describing a reader's journey through the publication, and the experiences with the material they might encounter along the way. The routes also provide a way for editors and designers to cluster FoAM's otherwise diverse projects around identified thematic and experiential pathways, grounded in FoAM's previous work. These routes are meant as an accessible entry point for those new to FoAM, and a comparatively easy way to navigate the archive, avoiding overwhelming readers with a mass of unstructured material.

Green – Acting together with planetary and non-human beings, speculative and experimental ecologies

Silver – Choreographing mixed realities, escape from Zoomworld, other technological imaginaries

Crystal – Navigating uncertainty (at personal, collective and organisational scales)

Terracotta – Growing worlds at the scale of the dinner table, hospitality as a critical survival skill

Wabisabi – Tending to the transient and the overlooked, “staying with the trouble”

Clustering projects

Example of FoAM projects clustered along five routes

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