The material on this site, unless otherwise indicated remains the property of the contributing authors. External articles should be linked/referenced/credited appropriatly.

However, since this site is essentially a work of collaboration, authorship as defined under the Berne Convention or the European Copyright Directive may be somewhat blurred. Authorship as otherwise generally understood under the shadow of Steam Boat Willie, Sonny Bonno and Capitalist Hegemony equates ideas with physical property. Hence ownership and transferal rights are inherited from what may be a not entirely mappable source (and yes, it can be a tangled mess) until we have a workable system for Transclusion and Transcopyright.

Any work not explicitly indicated as by a particular author or authors, or credited to an 'external' author on this site ( and its vhosts) is assumed to be authored and collectively owned by FoAM when looked at through legal goggles.

FoAM, and all contributing authors (unless otherwise explicitly stated) agree to licence the material under the terms of the Design Science Licence. Please read it, and adhere to it if you wish to copypaste/redistribute, or otherwise use the material contained in this site elsewhere.

In brief, you are able to copy, modify, redistribute in any medium, etc+ under specfic terms which include particular atribution, and the condition that you do not relicence the material under other terms. (read the Design Science Licence)

copyright 2003 FoAM vzw.

this topic may not be changed without written permission from Foam vzw.

NOTE: as of JAN2004 the DSL is no longer being continued as a legal experiment. FoAM is considering changing the licencing terms of the material in the libarynth, but there are still a few issues. see Copying and distributing discussion for more details.. .

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