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Physical Characteristics

“The ELDERBERRY is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing up to 6 metres tall and wide. Yet another very easily grown plant, it tolerates most soils and situations, growing well on chalk and in heavy clay soils. It tolerates some shade but fruits better in a sunny position. It also tolerates atmospheric pollution and coastal situations. The small white flowers are produced in large racemes in late spring and early summer. They make a delicious refreshing snack on a hot day, though you have to be a bit careful when eating them because they are very attractive to a wide range of insects and you could end up eating more than you had bargained for. The flowers can also be used to add a muscatel flavour to stewed fruits, jellies and jams, and are often used to make a sparkling wine.”

Edible Uses

Edible Parts: Elderberry Crunch Bread -

Elder Flower Vinegar/ Elderberry Chutney/ Elderberry Ketchup/ Elderberry Jam without Apples


Medicinal Uses

Myths and Tales

see also: Brussels Plants

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