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-Three Pavilions: Theo Botschuiver and Jeffrey Shaw, 1970
-Grassroll, 1970 Jeffrey Shaw and Theo Botschuiver
An air-inflated tube covered with synthetic grass was placed on a grass field behind the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam where passers by could play with it in whatever way they wished.

OASIS Nr.7: Haus_Rucker_Co, documenta 5, Kassel 1972
This contribution was produced in response to an invitation to the Documenta 5 in Kassel: a transparent sphere with a diameter of 8 metres was placed in front of the main facade of the Friedericianum. A catwalk made of standard tubular steel sections projected through a window from the interior of the building. A tubular steel ring was fixed to this footbridge, at a slight distance from the façade. This ring formed the external support for a PVC foil shell that formed a sphere when inflated into shape by an air pump. Internally it was the connecting element for a short tunnel made of the same material that had large zips at either end and thus functioned as a kind of airlock.

The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK
designers formed this ETFE material into extremely sturdy pillows, each made from three sheets of ETFE foil welded together along the sides, one on top of the other, with layers of air pumped in between them. The air layers provide increased insulation without decreasing the amount of sunlight that shines through. These pillows are adjustable: On a colder day, they can be pumped up with more air to provide better insulation; on a hotter day, they can be partially deflated to allow more cooling. The total Eden structure uses 625 hexagons, 16 pentagons and 190 triangles. The steel frame of the geodesic dome is incredibly strong relative to its weight. This weight (667 tons) is dispersed evenly throughout the entire structure so that the dome only needs support around its base, leaving lots of room for the plants inside. The edges of the dome rest on a sturdy foundation necklace, an underground concrete wall around the perimeter of the structure.…:eden:eden_index.jpg


ExperimentalStudiesonIceShell in Asahikawa, Kokawa,T.,1985
Cold Regions Science and Technology,11,155-17o


The Dominion Friday 29 December 2000
Tree Tents: Dre Wapenaar, photo Robbert R. Roos, 1998
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