Popular movements are the social roots of democratic change in society and politics. MOVEMENT ACTION PLAN provides an eight (8) stage framework for understanding and planning the change process. When we figure out the historical, developmental phase of our popular movement, the immediate goals and appropriate actions become easier to agree upon. By understanding the process that we and our opponents and the onlooking public are going through, we are less likely to succumb to frustration, disappointment, and the strategic errors that come from being lost. CREATING PEACEFUL RELATIONSHIPS provides training for activists in how to lead nonviolently, taking care of their own integrity and energy and treating others (including comrades and opponents) with ultimate respect, building upon the connective power-with of empathy. This process is very helpful in freeing ourselves from internalized oppression, avoiding burn-out and avoiding the tendency to act out the oppressive, even violent behavior which is endemic in dominator cultures. MACROANALYSIS SEMINARS are an accessible way for groups of people to learn together and create a shared ìbig pictureî which integrate many perspectives AND supports wise planning ñ in part because it lets us understand who our allies really are and which pathways of action will lead us to the future we REALLY want. Cooperating to learn and integrate information from a wide variety of sources, more than any individual could process and digest, enables our organizations to operate with a wider scope and out-smart corporations, governments, and organizations of the rich. EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATIONS are social forms and processes which can embody the spirit of inspired change and transformation. They both support and challenge their members to keep growing in a balanced way and make room for the continued evolution of the organizationís vision and methods as it and its members bring forth new realities and LEARN in the process. INTEGRAL POLITICS is a growing collection of theories and practices which marry the ancient wisdom traditions and rich history of popular movements for radical change, with the latest discoveries of the human sciences , the social innovations born of present necessity, and a commitment keep listening in order to recognize and learn from the emerging challenges. Having a somewhat coherent, somewhat complete, yet evolving shared framework makes it easier for us individually and collectively to integrate and find balance with the full range of human experience and knowledge. INTEGRAL TRANSFORMATIVE PRACTICEE is a synthesis of personal, interpersonal, and small group practices which help support personal transformation and the full development of our positive human potential. The understanding is that long-term practice and intention create gentle pressure which over time creates lasting change with strength and balance. One aspect of the balance is between head, heart, and belly. By consciously cross-training all aspects of the person: body, chi, heart (will, emotions), mind (habits, intellect), and soul a synergistic effect is achieved which is more powerful than any one practice. By holding that each person is ìconnected in communityî AND is ìtheir own authorityî AND learning from a variety of teachers within a coherent framework, the tendency toward dependency on a guru is avoided. An inclusive balance can be negotiated among people with a diversity of ìfaithsî and practices. INVOLVEMENT/PICTURE DEMONSTRATIONS are a form of nonviolent direct action that enact positive, socially shared values and show a clear image of the desired future in conflict with the oppressive present reality. This places the opponent in a dilemma and provides a range of participation for activists and by-standers at different levels of risk.


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