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A scenario building experiment for LateLab Open Sauces, where we use futures techniques to look at how food, wellness and the environment might evolve in the future.

We began by defining the context for latelab open sauces:

The region is Scotland/North-western EU. The focus is on the relationship of food, wellness and the environment (including growing, producing, distributing, consuming, tasting and disposing of food). The context is a science festival, public understanding of science, looking at food systems and cycles, as well as infrastructure. The timescale is 0-60 years in the future.

  • we then looked at a range of change drivers or food horizons (using horizon scanning and CLA to determine drivers)


  • Based on the drivers and CLA derived myths we created four food scenarios (using 'four generic futures' method of the Manoa School)
  • Finally translated each scenario into a series of dishes, combined according to the panarchy model into the flow for the latelab menu
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