Futurish V.0.99 is a publication written in a four day long Booksprint, documenting the Data Ecologies symposium of Future Fabulators.

Booksprint participants and external contributors: Alkan Chipp​erf​ield, Barb​ara Rühling, Eva Lenz, Istv​an Szak​ats, Jul​ian Bleecker, Jul​ian Hanna, Justin Pickard, Luis Wohlmuther, Maja Kuzm​anovic, Mara Dionisio, Marta Peirano, Nik Gaffney, Peter von Stacke​lb​erg, Scott Smith, Tim Boykett, Tina Auer, Trevor Haldenby


There are alw​ays reas​ons why someo​ne writes and dist​ribu​tes a book. The “why” of this book can be ans​wered in at least as many voices as those that have cont​ributed to writi​ng it. What we don't want to pres​ent is, in Scott Smith's phrase, yet ano​ther “flat-pack fut​ure”, app​eari​ng seaml​ess and conf​id​ent on the surf​ace but full of gaps and conf​us​ions within. We admit up front that we don't have an ans​wer to all of the quest​ions posed in this book, but that doesn't mean we don't have anyt​hing to say. We hope that our quest​ioni​ng of everyt​hing, inc​ludi​ng ours​elves, will keep this mat​er​​ial fresh, open, and inviti​ng for furt​her conv​ers​at​ions.


Here we are: a mixt​ure of playf​ul exp​erts and exp​ert playe​rs, prof​essional pract​it​ione​rs, app​lied theo​r​ists, tang​ent-gene​ra​ti​ng gene​ra​lists and guerr​illa rand​omn​ess-red​uce​rs, trapped in a creepy, Twin Peaky villa deep in the southe​rn parts of Upper Aust​ria tryi​ng ext​ens​ively to summ​arise, to tang​ent​ially coll​ect, to harv​est and weave the outc​omes of the Data Ecolog​ies Symp​os​ium 2014 into the book in front of you in just four days.

Time's Up Book Sprint

The Authors post-booksprint v0.9

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