(Also called: the Ghostbusters proposal)

Working and living spaces influence our creativity, but we rarely use all our senses to get to know them. By becoming aware of the effects the environment has on our senses, we can learn how to improve our relationship with it. Noise pollution in cities, for example, can effect our mood and concentration, but it often goes unnoticed. How can we become more creative, by sensing and improving the relationship with our environment?

This experiential activity aims to engage all our senses to explore the spaces in which we live and work, to begin improving our relationship with them. Not only do we learn how to experience the richness of sounds, sights, scents, tastes and textures of spaces, but also how to become attentive to the residual spatial memories that can affect our creativity.

Target group
  • EU or corporate world (also expats);
  • Experts like architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, schools, hospitals (place where lots of people are sharing the same space and have to collaborate) – for a workshop to learn the techniques

Frame: 5 sessions within 2,5 days involving the senses (research, experiential sessions + theoretical)

  • preparation phase: starting off with research of the space, e.g noise pollution (by us)
  • phase 1: diagnostic session (analysis): analysis of the building + pitch (what can we do for you, what will that bring you?)
  • phase 2: group sessions

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