Community Origins

Since its inception FoAM bxl has been developing a particular hosting culture. We have done this both formally as process facilitators for hands-on and discussion workshops, as coaches and mentors, as well as informally by hosting, guiding and supporting FoAM's guests, residents and audiences. Hosting culture, care and generosity has been repeatedly praised as one of FoAM's unique strenghts. We therefore wanted to explore hosting in general and process facilitation (in all its shapes and forms) in particular as a possible direction or spin-off from FoAM bxl post 2016.

In 2013-2014 FoAM organised hosting craft, a training and mentoring in process facilitation for the cultural proletariat. Since then, several participants began to co-facilitate workshops, guide rituals and other participatory processes. As the collaborations seemed to offer additional value for everyone involved, we thought that we should explore the potential to continue working as a loose community of practitioners with very diverse backgrounds, starting from a common ground of hosting culture.

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