Rituals for the unacknoweldged loss : a ritual that helps women to make a good transition from one phase to another and need a specific support by other women.


To give resilience to a woman and the pressure they are under in society

Into the light of the flame, I let you go...

For who?

Specifically for mothers/not-mothers:

  • not having children because of medical reasons
  • not having cildren because of having no partner
  • not having children out of principal choice
  • impossible secondary childwish
  • rituals celebrating end of certain sexuality, intimity , sensuality
  • menopauze
  • abortion
  • mothers who wish they never had children
  • End of maternity leave


From the hosting community:

  • development of the form in co-creation
  • the engagement of some of us to support, sometimes with a big group, sometimes with only one extra
  • preparation of the food/ music/reiki/support/practical/support of the facilitator
  • testing the form/feedback


To the hosting community:

  • learning: helping each other in creating resilience
  • stimultating creativity
  • learning from difficult moments
  • broaden our network towards healthcare

By who?

Barbara, Maja, Kathleen, Eva DG, Rasa, Stevie, Lies

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