Check-in round

Objective of the call

  • Continue talking about pitch and USPs
  • Talk about this working group and how it would function
  • If we have time :
    • Names
    • Toolbox
    • Systems map

Pitch & USPs

  • Reading and commenting on-the-fly : modifications directly in Google doc.
  • Additional stuff
    • Check for UNICITY of the selling points, by benchmarking with other “competitors”.
    • Concision may be needed.
    • We did not say we are heterogeneous because we are not really…
  • Maja asks for more answers to the questions she put as a comment in the pitch.
  • She can work on it from Tuesday September 27th
  • We should have a good version before Maja & Nik's trip to Japan : October 10th.

Next steps

  • A session during the October 7th gathering - 12-1 pm - with Luea online
    • To wrap up the pitch
    • If there is time : discuss about the skype works.
  • Before
    • Work on text
    • Work on visuals
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