The Reader Writer is fond of such paradoxes as “I am the one, I am the many,” but never for a moment believes in paradox. It lives, as Eater Eaten, solely on the crumbs of thought left mouldering in the Libarynth, and undergoes periodic crises of identity, case, number, and gender which fill it with delight and prompt it to read, write and link more, thus torturing the Libarynth with its indecisiveness and enormous deposits of calcinated text. The Reader Writer is a compulsive linker, this being its most intense passion. Yet it is continuously frustrated in this activity (a sensation akin to the pangs of unrequited love) by such infamous entities as the Tangentoid Oscillator and, of course, the deviant InterFisch, whose ceaseless generation of tangents mean that the Reader Writer is never allowed a moment's harmonious interconnection with its own thoughts, since its links almost always end up broken. This disequilibrium ensures that, aside from abiding in a paradoxical state of extreme melancholy over each of its lost loves, and at the same time in rapturous expectation of the next glowing, underlined hyperlink it hopes will be eternal, the Reader Writer is forever on the verge of becoming an entirely different entity (perhaps eventuating in a form of self-deification as one of the Plot Characters Deities). But that story is best told by a future becoming of this peculiarly divided yet unified being.

Alkan Chipperfield - 01 Jul 2003

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