groWorld design week: Reality Generation


Salty (Substance)

  • can conjure up space
  • make infinity
  • shape swarms
  • elicit extreme emotions
  • make people humble
  • soak up people and turn them into sounds
  • understands human monotone

Tendency: to stretch and dissolve into infinity

No Thing (Change)

  • can be polarities
  • can integrate opposites
  • catalyses change (in the direction it wants to go)
  • shape shifting
  • makes a world of interesting paradoxes

Tendency: to become something else

Alfred (Messenger)

  • fast observing
  • prolific in areas he likes

Tendency: to observe and explore without intrusion

The world

Salty provides the substance for the world, which - without the other two - would dissolve into infinity. Alfred, while exploring the expanses of Salty (who is able to elicit strong emotions in Albert, for the first time in his life) finds particular areas particularly interesting and begins propagating in them. With his highly prolific activities, he attracts the catalysing No Thing, which begins changing the direction of Salty's stretching, pulling it inwards, curving it, becoming parts of Salty and creating patterns and paradoxes. The swarms of Alberts, shaped by Salty, become the instantaneous messengers between the substance and the change of the world. It's a world of existing in the nexus of three dynamically balanced forces: stretching, changing and exploring. Alfred lends a calm humanness to the world, salty makes it humble and overpopulation is controlled by Salty's ability to turn swarms of people into sound compositions.


  • 'Us' protects 'Vulgaris' from Kra Kra's Big Red Squares attacks, by creating the shelter.

But if its 'them'- the shelter can become a dangerous place as it can trick and imprison 'Vulgaris'

  • 'Us/Them' reacts to situations.
  • Us can bring Vulgaris and KraKra together.


  • What happens is Kra Kra sees himself in a mirror of Us/Them?
  • When KraKra gets confused, he gets TRANSLUCENT.
  • It takes the shape of what ever he sees of bumbs into on his way.
  • KraKra doesn't have will on its own.
  • But at the same time, if KraKra meets Vulgaris Green particles, he doesn't want to become in to the forest.
  • KraKra, likes teasing Vulgaris, when he takes the shape of Big Red Squares and attacks Vulgaris.
  • Gets confused by Vulgaris, because K.K. doesn't know where V. centre is.


  • Vulgaris has one main centre, but also lots of smaller secondary centres which can become independent and start to grow into larger entities.

therefore its very difficult to recognize the source of Vulgaris.

  • If Vulgaris meets Us, it will try to grow forest on its arms, as well as turn the K.K. in to the green (if they would meet)
  • Vulgaris needs to be protected by us from KraKra.

STRETCHING (Salty) + CYCLING (Vulgaris)

  • greening 6 swarming
  • raw material (soil)
  • shaping landscapes+diversifying



  • tricksters
  • eco scale-no thing
  • human scale - krakra
  • nothing gives direction to krakra



Us & Alfred

  • faster and more hands (Alfred as fingers)


Them & Alfred

  • blinds Alfred
  • possible disaster
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