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Monthly get-togethers of study groups at FoAM. We present and discuss our research, keep each other updated on the progress, suggest interesting trajectories and form new bonds. Methods and Madness

Research gatherings in 2006:

  • ResGat200603 - a.o. presentation by Alkan Chipperfield on anthropological fieldwork at FoAM
  • ResGat200604 - a.o. fuzzy logic, ethnography, aesthetics, food experimentation, distribution and consumption
  • ResGat200605 - Drama Princess, on games and autonomous characters
  • ResGat200606 - a.o. on plants and climate change, libraries and subtle technologies
  • ResGat200607 - Green Dream - on games and mixed realities
  • ResGat200608- a.o. on tools for realtime audiovisuals, strange attractors, Sci-art, SMAs and gRig
  • ResGat200609 - sustainability, patterns, perception and libraries
  • ResGat200610- on art-economics, inflatables, eco-disaster clothing and gRig

Research gatherings pre.2006

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