On Growth and Form: textiles and the engineering of nature explores the extraordinary qualities of a new generation of textile materials, illuminating the science that makes them possible and the poetics they express.

Donald E. Ingber pioneered the concept that living cells and tissues mechanically structure themselves using an architectural system first described by Buckminster Fuller, known as tensegrity.

“The Architecture of Life”

Life is the ultimate example of complexity at work. An organism, whether it is a bacterium or a baboon, develops through an incredibly complex series of interactions involving a vast number of different components. These components, or subsystems, are themselves made up of smaller molecular components, which independently exhibit their own dynamic behavior, such as the ability to catalyze chemical reactions.

Evelina Kusaite

Printed Organic Transistors on Plastic for Electronic Displays and Circuits (Printable organic electronic materials and fabrication technologies for the production of thin film transistors on plastic substrates for use in low-cost displays).

quite a concise overview of the possibilities of conductive plastics…

…for selfluminating, light (both meanings), flexible display surfaces

printable tissues . .. using a printer to produce organic output

optical camouflage →

….tapping into the power of the body.

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