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Stefan is involved with two projects in Gent.

The first is the Groene Bananeschilsteel, a piece of abandoned land next to the railroad which is now his very own garden. Stefaan and his family re-use plants as building materials for their treehouse, fences, bicycle shed and stairs. They harvest wood in the neighbourhood and re-use in in the garden. It's a balanced ecological system and they work there about 10 hours per year. The rest of the time they enjoy it.

Stefaan's second project is his workplace, the cemetery at Palinghuizen 143.

Stefaan and his team re-use almost all garden waste in the park itself, including the leaves for mulching and dead branches for hedges, and he lets nature fill in the blanks. The cemetery is a 5 hectare park with a lot of biodiversity.

One really interesting feature is the beehive Stefaan has created out of a dead tree trunk. There are holes drilled in the trunk to create a home for solitary bees (non-honey making bees who live their lives alone). This is a great example of re-using vegetation for animal habitats.

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