The Empress



  • VS →
  • C20 shift in RW → more relaxed, less authoritative (dual with 'The Emperor'), astrological attributions (♀ venus), pomegranate
  • spring force

plant connections

  • Angelica Sinensis, 'female ginseng'
    • most important part is the root, beneath the ground, est. menstrual cycle and general circulation
  • evening primrose
  • Trifolium pratense (red clover)


  • pink
  • lush green
  • blue water


  • feminine authority, a creator and provider, a mother in contact with nature


The empress is a female anthropomorphic flowering plant. She is firmly rooted, with many furry rootlets spreading all around her stem - they grow in a circle around the plant, in shallow soil, rather than digging deep. The roots are able to benefit from sunlight, they're pale green and resemble an underground mirror of her flowery crown. The empress is pregnant. Her slender green stalk is bulbous where a human belly would be. A fleshy pomegranate-like fruit protrudes from the green stalk, creating a gradient of green and reddish colour. Above her pregnant belly, she wears a slinky dress of knitted green foliage - leaves of multiple shapes (resembling angelica, clover and evening primrose). She has her strong arms spread high above her head, as branches of a cherry tree. From the branches, a shower of blossoms spreads in all directions. As the wind moves her arms, a floral army of red, pink and white blooms dance around her, filling the air with her shape and scent. Her smiling, caring face is barely visible underneath her bejeweled crown, a multi-leveled tiara that starts with a furry red clover and explodes in multiple florets of angelica synensis. The empress is an overwhelming, empowering presence filling the whole view, bursting with beauty and fertility.


note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference

major arcana

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