a quite extensive hardware overview → http://home.earthlink.net/~wearable/hardware/ parts, boards + systems

in depth overview of linux comaptible SBC + embedded devices http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT2614444132.html

long list of links covering most areas of wearables http://www.iptel-now.de/PROJECTS/WEARABLE/wearable.html

1. Pc/104

Assuming we could get away with 2 boards:

Motherboard (486, pentium, pII, pIII all available in this format) 2) Pc-card reader module + 802.11 network card (i.e., Lucent Wavelan)

CPU: Lots of choices depending on need for crunch, power reqs, and price Memory: (typically) very scalable Casing: Dimensions: with two boards: 1.339?x5.117?x 5.983? (http://www.rtdusa.com/idan.htm, modular, casing for Pc/104 modules). Another modular case supplier: http://www.adaptivesystems.com/ Power consumption: Depends on the motherboard but 10 hours is possible for example with the 486 modules. Power source: Sony Lithium Ion camcorder batteries + DC-to-DC convertor to provide 5V. Data storage: 2.5? Hard drives or solid state disks (such as http://www.m-sys.com) OS options: almost anything, really.

Estimated price: could someone do the sourcing for this??? You could contact the following places to get an estimate. My estimate would be between 1000-1500 USD with everything.

Motherboard: www.ampro.com Hard drive: Toshiba 2.5? hard drive, my estimate for a 3Gb one = 150USD. Network card: www.wavelan.com Case: see above.

2. for more info

CPU: 66 MHz 486-SX (AMD Elan SC410) Main Memory: 16 MB SDRAM Casing: Dimensions: 2.75“ x 1.97” x 0.95“ (70 x 50 x 24 mm) Volume: 5 cu.in. (84 cc) Weight: 3.3 oz (93 g) Power consumption: At idle, (Sony) NP-550 lasts 2 hours, NP-750 4 hours, NP-950 6 hours Power source: Sony camcorder batteries, for example, NP-550 or NP-750 or NP-950. Appears that no Need for a dc-dc convertor for this one. Data storage: IBM Microdrive 340Mb OS options: Boots linux for sure. Networking: The unit has Ethernet support, we need to source an ethernet to wireless bridge. Price: 1500 USD only for tiqit + network gear + casing + batteries so my guess would be close to 2kUSD.

3. Ipaq

CPU: StrongARM SA 1110

4. Cell Computing ( www.cellcomputing.com)

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cellcomputing by nik on Monday March 19, @12:43 it looks like one of the 'plug n run' modules with a netcard board, would be most applicable. however, they are a bit larger + heavier than the tiqit ~ 4×5.4×1.1 inches.

the server modules are slightly smaller + lighter, since they dont have any graphics hardware on board. not sure what the pcmcia options are, we might have to use a usb, or rj45 to wireless ethernet adapter (adding to weight + cost + clothing designer nightmares for sure)

they dont have any prices online, so could one of the US based tgardeners call + get some more info → http://www.cellcomputing.com/third/sales_rep.html [ Reply to this ] wireless lan development kit by nik on Monday March 19, @12:47

i was looking at these boards → http://www.rpcgllc.com/products/sbs.htm dont know about the MPC823 and MPC850 architectures (reduced ppc?), but they looks like compact, moderately priced, potentially useable lumps of technology.

1. 550 x 3.775 x 1.03 inches

linux? wavelan? (pcmcia is available on some models) batteries? (1A from 5VDC sounds ok!) rpx-lite (or classic) $US895 ?+

but then i found this ,. http://www.linux-wlan.com/dk80211b.html wireless developer kit, based on the above single board computer + compatible 802.11 cards, software, precompiled kernels, apps, etc. could someone also give them a call + find out more details ,. (like price, why there are 4 cards and only 1 board with each kit?! )) → Phone: 407.644.8582

and of course, the long link list (sure to have some more usefull stuff) http://lairds.org/Kyler/interfaces/Hardwear

[ Reply to this ] architeture + supplier links by nik on Monday April 09, @11:00


[ Reply to this ] pricing quotes by dave on Monday April 09, @11:12 I spent over 1/2 the day today checking out this stuff. I came in late in the conversation and had to review each of the web sites to figure out what it was I was suppose to ask about and where to phone. I started in the early afternoon. By the time I got thru some of the web sites, the ones on the East coast had unfortunately already closed. West coast businesses were still open, but then on most of those I got voice mailboxes. So I emailed them instead of leaving a voice mail. I'll pass back the email responses when I get them.

http://www.ampro.com $565 for the Little Board 486e (http://www.ampro.com/html/486e.html) when purchased in US. Includes processor + Ethernet. Offices in San Jose, California. If bought in US, then mention it is going overseas and they say they will include the appropriate export papers. There is a reseller in Belgium. The guy would not speculate on what the Belgium prices are. Following the links on the Ampro web page we find Acal nv/sa in Zaventem (http://www.acal.be).

www.wavelan.com >From their web page prices range from $160 to $300, for high/low encryption cards & wireless adapters.

1-678-366-1790 (on the east coast closed when i phoned) BTW I need more info on what to ask about.

http://www.rtdusa.com/idan.html These are PC104 systems, that stack mount in cool aluminum heat sinks/enclosures. They don't seem to sell enclosures per se, only additional panels to fit their systems. The systems with enclosures look too bulky to be worn. If you are still interested there are offices in Pennsylvania, Helsinki, Budapest (ie some in the same time zones as Europe).

http://www.adaptivesystems.com/ http://www.adaptivesystems.com/ContactUs/index.html 303-247-1317 in Colorado Sales@AdaptiveSystems.com I left a phone message & sent an email.

http://www.cellcomputing.com/second/product.html http://www.cellcomputing.com/second/sales.html Got voice mail, so I sent an email instead. asking about plug-n-run & CardPC?. sales tel 408-327-1750 (California) sales fax 408-327-1751 sales@cellcomputing.com

http://www.linux-wlan.com/dk80211b.html phone: 321-259-0737 (Florida) info@linux-wlan.com (on east coast, closed when I called, sent an email)

still suits - http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/technology/body_power_011128-1.html

creditcard sized ppc based SBC with handy FPGAhttp://www.brightstareng.com/ine1.htm

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