Excerpts from "Planet-centred design" by Jerneja Rebernak
Images from "Senscapes" by Abigail Fletcher

In the end, therefore, instead of many possible times, we can speak only of a single time: the time of our experience: uniform, universal and ordered. This is the approximation of an approximation of a description of the world made from our particular perspective as human beings who are dependent on the growth of entropy, anchored to the flowing of time. Carlo Rovelli, The order of Time

Poetics of attunement can inspire a multiplicity of engagements with our ecosystems, our umwelt. If we are to think across design and architecture, could we incorporate attunement in planning, creating and making?

The experience of attunement resonates with the “imaginal landscapes” as described by William Rolandson. A dismantling of the hard division between an external material reality and an internal landscape, the liminal land of enchantment that bridges the material and the psychic.

The wooden doors adorning Kings College’s chapel are moist from the heat generated by patient bodies awaiting to enter the hall on this hot and humid day in London. Inside, the artist group Senscapes is preparing an immersive performance. An aurally and visually enchanting dance captured through magnetoencephalography (MEG) permeate the space. Cymatic images and sounds offer a glimpse of the brain's reaction to psilocybin…

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