Dust and Shadow is developed on-site in Arizona (three field trips for research, design and creation of public experiments) and online (publications, online documentation (including this wiki) and an LP). The project concludes with a final event at the ASU in Phoenix/Tempe in the fall of 2019.

  • Spring 2017 (may/june): fieldtrip 1, observations, questions, field notes #1, etc.
  • Summer 2017 (july/august): articulating research questions, literature research, mapping, etc.
  • Fall 2017 (november/december): fieldtrip 2, FoAM presentation/talk at LCT & Synthesis, experimental workshop, formulating experiments for experiments, planning publications
  • Winter 2019 (february): writing, editorial and design for field notes #2 and reader 1
  • Spring 2018 (march): fieldtrip 3, prototyping and experiments: desert attunement trip, thalient lab, D&S soundwalk, desert equinox ritual
  • Winter/Spring 2019: field notes #3, editorial and design reader 2 and field notes booklet
  • Summer 2019: sound design for record release, exhibition design for Dust and Shadow reading room and acoustic ecology salon
  • Fall 2019
  • + continuous online documentation


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