Four scenarios emerged from design sessions during the first meeting of Future Fabulators, 10th October in Linz, Austria. The sessions were co-designed by FoAM and Time's Up, hosted by Maja Kuzmanovic.

Participants: Tina Auer, Tim Boykett, Nik Gaffney, Marc9, Andreas Mayrhoffer, Alois Wohlmuther, Sarah Neville, Valentina Nisi, Andrea Strasser, Istvan Szakats, Alberto Velez Grilo, Rarita Zbranca.

What is the legacy of Future Fabulators post 2015?

This 3 hour long session was designed as a warm-up of the kick-off meeting, before delving into administrative and logistical details. The aim was to allow the group to explore the goals and activities of the project outside of the narrow funding guidelines. We started from aspects that are fixed (such as the locations, financing people, experiments, activities etc.), looked at factors that could make the project succeed or fail, broadened the view with external macro-trends and ended with four possible scenarios that could emerge beyond the project's end date. In this session scenario building was used primarily as an ice-breaker, a method to get to know the people in the consortium, hear their perspectives on the larger context of the project, as well as its long view. It also made apparent the participants' creative, analytical and collaborative skills and interests.


Two scenario axes that were chosen during the exercise: stable climate ↔ climate chaos; dynamic stability ↔ perpetual crisis. The following four scenarios were created:

Both scenario building sessions were experiments, looking at different durations, inclusion / exclusions of steps from prehearsal_pocket_guide and aims for the scenarios. The process was briefly evaluated on the last day of the meeting and recorded in the Process debrief notes


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