Notes from the Future Fabulators Kick-off Scenario in October 2013, based on the question: “What will be the legacy of Future Fabulators?”

In 2016 it is time for Future Fabulators to turn storytelling experiments into reality. The core group formed a political party, both as a formally constituted group aimed at taking part in the public sector, as well as a social gathering involving drinking, eating and being merry. The party stands for distributed guerilla activism, and turns pre-enactments and physical narratives into experimental temporary and practical utopias: no talking about future policies, but trying them out. Akin to the YesMen, the FFab experiments run parallel to the hyper-neoliberal world, more concerned with social and political realities than being engaged with climate issues. The Ffab parties have become legends. Large scale cabaret and musicals about the new democratic movements enmeshed with extravagant banquets, all created through various economies of sharing and recycling.

This scenario is one of four Future Fabulators Legacy scenarios:

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