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Groworld Game

Part of Project Groworld Look at work in progress

Links to the executable versions are included below. As none of these games are finished they may be of more use to people wanting to see how they work. The code is included in the binary packages and can be easily edited by opening them up and looking around. The development repository is here and contains all the prototypes and resources needed to run them. A lot of these games are built using fluxus which you will also have to install if you want to run the development versions from git.

Screenshots of ToT's work here:

Wilderness is a flash game currently under development exploring multiplayer online garden ideas and permaculture. The current version is running here.

Plant eyes is a 3D game exploring what it would be like to be a plant and look out of it's 'eyes'

Hex roots is a 2D root growing mechanic which works around hexagons (this is the fluxus version, this is also a version written for Unity)

Hayfever was a groworld multiplayer prototype, testing the use of jabber messaging to communicate game events, and put the game in an interesting environment.

Treetris was an attempt to subvert a popular game mechanic in a vegetal direction, the idea being that your plant is absorbing nutrients from the soil and has to fit them together in the correct manner in order to grow.

Cellular tried to take a microscopic angle where plants are comprised of multiple cells which need to be connected together correctly by the player in order to build a plant.

The plant sketcher was a method of making lindenmayer systems less about programming and more about drawing.

See also Game prototyping


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