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In Pollutopia business continues as usual, and the growth economy continues growing amidst climate chaos. The inequality between rich and poor increases, widening the gap between people and power and resulting in polarised politics. Pollutopia is ridden with conflicts and revolutions, leading to widespread food insecurity, inflation and unstable geopolitics. There are a myriad overlapping economic and social collapses, especially in the areas of fishery and tourism. The only subsidies available are the ones encouraging economic growth. Short-termism rules and solution-based technologies, including massive geo-engineering projects, are changing the face of the Earth. Russia and China are major players in geopolitical and environmental games.

Due to accumulative climate events there is a global consensus on acceptance of climate change. The many catastrophes lead to a rise in physical and emotional diseases and much effort is spent on creating new healthcare funds. Hunger and suicide have become global epidemics. It is the heyday of insurance companies. Climate mitigation strategies have been replaced by quick-and-dirty adaptation tactics.

Oceans are valued only through the lens of short-term economic gain. Although local communities are more engaged with oceans to try to preserve their livelihoods, the majority of the population is disengaged and uninterested in oceans. Limits to economic growth on oceans disappear through blatant greenwashing campaigns. All the while the oceans are getting hotter and hotter, surpassing one tipping point after another.

Marine CoLABoration attempts to stir things towards the positive and the long-term, raising awareness and providing sustainable technological solutions. Its portfolio of appropriate, tested and proven solutions allows it to seize the moment and react quickly to any new threat in the relationship between humans and the oceans. Marine CoLABoration is a swift and nimble entity providing economic arguments to valuing the oceans and pioneering economic growth with environmental outcomes.




How could the Marine CoLABoration change the world?

Marine CoLABoration works within the paradigm of the growth economy (for maximum speed and impact) to link with innovation, products (…) and values that create sustainable growth. All work to scale solutions that promote both economic and environmental benefits. Marine CoLABoration scales to influence MNCs and government to make this happen.

One of four scenarios designed at the first workshop of Marine CoLABoration:

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