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It is 8 am, and I am just emerging from my morning meditation. I can feel the energy flowing freely around my body, and it feels reaaaally good. The taste in my mouth is no longer acidic, as it was the few last mornings. This Ayurveda mix of herbs advised by Anil seems to work well.

I finished my meditation by recalling some of the memories from my most recent travels. The beautiful countryside of Slovenia around the Rolling Hedgehog Center for Sustainable Living, the seaside sunset after a nice chat at the Degrowth Summit in the South of France, the fireplace evenings spent trying out Sustainable Strategy Games with Schumacher College students, and all the nice encounters during the long Feral Transport trips between those locations.

I arrived quite late yesterday night, and did not have the chance to talk much with my hosts yet. It is the first time I visit them, and I am very excited. They seem to be the first permaculturists in Europe who successfully run a business out of their Forest Garden produce. I am looking forward to learn more about the way they work.

I will engage with them in their daily activities. This is my way to help my hosts as well as to learn from them. In exchange, I will teach them some know-how I learned elsewhere. They asked me to teach them how to build a large-size rocket stove to cook their jams & sauces from twigs collected in their garden. I think that the bike traveler who taught me this particular skill would be very proud to see who it is useful to.

In two weeks, I will Feral-ride again to Amsterdam to present my “Year-Long Edge Trek 2024” during the “Alternatives Convergence” conference. I will stay at FoAM, and take some time in the Urban Wild Forest Gardens brought out of the ground quite a few years ago by Cocky and Theun.

I open my eyes. I can smell the freshly baked five-cereals bread, and hear the chat of the Forest Gardeners gathering for breakfast before going to work. I slowly get up, stretch my arms, and get down the stairs to greet them, thinking about which taste of Forest Jam I will be spreading on my first toast.

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  • implementation on the edges ↔ specialised theory
  • constrained activities and sleepless starvation ↔ complete lifestyle freedom
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