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It's 8 pm, and the sun has set already a few hours ago, and I am finally working on the latest version of my bio-sourced electromagnetic shield. Today was, like almost everyday, a long day of visits and people messing around in the lab. My three eldest children stopped running around about one hour ago. The first one, Joshua, his working on his first model of passive tadpole incubator. The second one, Martino, is watching some kind of TV science show on Youtube. And the third one, Erik, has fallen asleep after sorting (again) the whole library by author name three times in row.

Today, I had a visit from the Anti-Transhumanists Brigade, who presented their last noise-generators, targetting the GPS system of self-driving Google cars. The usual volunteers came around to work on their respective projects, which mainly consist in drinking beer and eating pizza while chatting about how bad the world is these days. I still can see the empty cans & cardboards on the apero table. I would appreciate if they could at least clean up everything.

I will have to go home soon, otherwise my wife will just drive crazy again. She is alone at home with the baby twins since she got back from work. I still have some work to do in the garden, especially fixing the water collection system which broke down once again. Fortunately, I found some PVC tubes segments on the street while coming to the lab. I should not forget them when packing to go back home.

Quick e-mail check: three journalists asking for interviews, and ten more volunteers. Since I got on local TV with this bio-sourced electromagnetic shield project, it seems that the whole world wants to chat with me, regardless of my awfully packed agenda. I should not complain, as this is very good news for the lab and potential funding. However, I can't even remotely remember when was the last time I had a moment for myself. I hope that my shield will be ready before the symptoms of my newly diagnosed electromagnetic hypersensibility get too painful.

Scenario narratives:

Scenario axes:

  • implementation on the edges ↔ specialised theory
  • constrained activities and sleepless starvation ↔ complete lifestyle freedom
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