The Devil



  • missing from all examples of the original VS decks. possibly removed/destroyed or omitted to begin with (also missing - the tower, 3 of swords, knight of coins) c.f. Sola Busca (SB)) 78 card deck
  • hybrid male/female/animal depicted with fangs based on interpretation of Pan Pan_(god)
  • traits of birds, spikes, bat wings
  • MT → shown standing at an alter/pedestal, ruling over 2 naked figures/slaves depicted with small horns and tails
  • enslaving power, basket for collecting souls
  • smirking, bearing a torch
  • RW → half man/animal, clawed, goat's head with horns, reversed pentagram on forehead
  • temptation, sexual energy, attachment to material world, inferior elements, vices, negative behaviours, ego, materialism, conformity without awareness

plant connections

  • Datura, devils trumpet (compare 13) made into “gypsy helper” erasing memory to facilitate theft of material goods. (use a stinky smelling species)
  • Corpse flower Amorphophallus_titanum
  • orchids. seductive, sexual, deceptive
  • carnivorous plants (e.g. Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) or Nepenthes)


  • black
  • yellow
  • skin pink


note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference

major arcana

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