Justice, Adjustment



  • always female, righteous, sitting on throne, holding scales (balance of justice) and sword
  • VS → black clad knight on white horse
  • gordian knot
  • greek → themis (Θέμις) → 'making, measuring and cutting the thread'
  • MT, RW, most ES follow same iconography. justice, prudence, fortitude (11), temperance (14)
  • balance, equilibrium
  • in TH this card is renamed as “adjustment”

plant connections

  • Melissa → Melissa_(plant) 'lemon balm'. reducing anxeity, balanced leaf morphology
  • acacia tree
  • “the perfect L-System tree”: dracaena draco


  • blue
  • brown
  • marble white
  • yellow glow


  • trusting in the law of cause and effect, believes in moderation in all things, likes balance and fairness


Justice is a giant canopy tree, with a hollow trunk surrounded with tall ribbed pillars in pale-grey colour. Its thin branches grow from the ribs outwards, in a perfectly symmetrical fashion - following a recursive fractal pattern. The leaves are equally symmetrical, growing left and right from the branches, with each pair of leaves turning 90 degrees to its predecessor. Even though such symmetry should make the tree completely static, its bark and bones are so lightweight that any disturbance can tip its balance. The tree structure is robust and flexible, making it resilient to extreme bends (its crown can bend all the way to the ground). Most of its life, the tree sways from left to right - wether moved by wind, by an insect sitting on one of its leaves, or by a particularly unfair event somewhere in the world. When left alone and in times of peace, the swaying slows and the tree only pulses slightly, as its life-fluids flow regularly through its ribs. The flowers of Justice are tiny blue knots, from which two filaments grow to bear its strange fruit: from each flower grow two perfectly balanced flat plates. When a question is asked to the fruit, it will swing towards left or right plate, always providing a fair answer.


note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference

major arcana

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