One of four scenarios emerging from the questions: Are aliens welcome? How will invasive species become a source, rather than threat and waste?

Scenario Axes: Consumerist status quo, “Me” Ethics


Alien species are the enemy of monoculture. They are an unacceptable threat that must be either controlled or destroyed. They are ruthlessly hunted down and enslaved in concentration camps. In the beginning most of the aliens were exterminated as quickly as possible. Over time it appeared more profitable to create a new industry of alien slave labour. Plants, animals, fungi, humans and a range of microorganisms of alien origin are commodities of the 'invasives slave trade'. There is no regulation of these booming markets, eagerly pursuing every economic opportunity arising from alien exploitation. Xenophobia is rising among the wide population who demands assurances of alien eradication. Research focuses on more efficient and permanent destruction methods. Society became a monoculture where eco-neurosis thrives. There is only one right way to deal with exotic species: eradicate or die. Deviation from this dogma is not tolerated. Proponents of alien rights are marginalised and ignored by the public opinion. Resistance members fighting for the fair treatment of enslaved aliens have been known to disappear. Everyone's movements, communications and actions are monitored and freely exchanged among the corporate movers and shakers of the world. Homogeneity is rampant, with only a cosmetic appearance of surface diversity.

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