One of four scenarios emerging from the questions: Are aliens welcome? How will invasive species become a source, rather than threat and waste?

Scenario Axes: Inclusive Ethics, changing consumer patterns

There are no “aliens”. The word has been forgotten. Approach to exotic and invasive species is process oriented - a continuous negotiation and interaction. Permaculture principles are used to manage the habitat without stifling it. Wilderness is slowly beginning to return and different species co-habit the same environment without much human interference. Alien species are included in short supply chains. Diets are primarily plant based, but more flexible than vegetarian (although anyone wanting to eat meat must possess a meat license). The new naturetarians promote a diet that can help to cull the invasive species when necessary, without exterminating or banning them. Mindful eating, gardening, self sufficiency and environmental engagement is a prevailing cultural trait. Mindfulness encourages an adaptive behaviour, making both human culture and its habitat resilient to continuous change. Diversity increases and is encouraged - in humans and other living organisms alike.


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